Charles Fréger

A graduate of the « Ecole des Beaux-arts de Rouen » in 2000, from the start Charles Fréger has organized his work around the representation of the social body, the construction of identity, and the image of the self.

Since 1999, his ‘photographic portraits and uniforms’ have amassed a sizable corpus of individual and, more occasionally, group portraits, assembled in numerous publications : after his first series, faire face, his output has included Majorettes (2002), Légionnaires (2002), Bleu de travail (2003), Rikishi (2005), About sumo wrestlers, and empire (2009) About royal and republican guards. School, the army and sport : a whole panoply of signs sketching the outlines of the notion of the group and speaking of the desire to forge an identity there. Uniform and outfit, mask and disguise, costume and garment – each of these second skins imposes a typology that is at once singular and unifying, captured in images that, with Fréger, are usually frontal and full length.

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